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Welkom: Academy class of 2020/2021

In oktober 2020 zijn we de vierde editie van onze KR Academy gestart met 15 ambitieuze jonge startups. Het ’nieuwe normaal’ dat Covid-19 in ons leven bracht heeft ons niet tegen gehouden om kennis te delen en deze ondernemers te helpen met het lanceren van hun concept in de Nederlandse voedingsindustrie. Met trots presenteren wij de bedrijven die ieder van zich een bijdrage willen leveren aan de toekomst van hoe wij eten.

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SnoepGroen is focused on planet friendly & plant-based sweets and snacks. SnoepGroen’s founder Christophe wants to work with farmers and food producers to serve pure plant-based food to as many people as possible.



Introducing to you: Snackwithbenefits! Yes that’s right, the good old trusted cauliflower from right here in the Lowlands. But this cauliflower identifies itself as next level, quirky and a rebel. It is here for those of you who want to go on a flavor trip, for the vegetable lover and for those of you who are looking for a planet friendly deep-fried vegan snack. Imagine a trip with endless toppings and flavors. Founders Renco and Margje believe in the power of change and their plan is to change the world, one groovy snack at a time.



The Vegan Bear Chef

The man behind the brand, Gabriele Bonomi seeks inspiration in local products to bring his vegan vision to the light. After some culinary experiments, he is proudly presenting his (R)evolutionary cheeses! Made from local and organic ingredients like: potatoes, cauliflowers, carrots and parsnips and turned into naturally fermented cheeses. His products are rich in probiotics, without artificial preservatives and affordable.




If you have ever tried authentic Indian masala chai, you know that it is so much better than the artificial chai latte you can find in coffee bars. NamasChai is a delicious ready-to-drink chai, slow brewed from black Assam tea, whole spices, fresh ginger and almond milk. All natural and vegan. Enjoy it hot, cold or iced, or even mix it in a cocktail. Founder Leonie has set her eye on conquering retail and hospitality channels with her artisanal product.



High Vibeology

High Vibeology founded by Erika, is a functional food brand that connects nutrition with herbalism. The product line is based on adaptogens: a unique category of herbs and mushrooms that balance your body and mind. The products include powder blends to add to your own food and drinks, instant hot beverage mixes and bonbons. Created in three formulas to help you eat according to your specific needs: to enhance relaxation, focus or energy.



Sun for Soul

Sun for Soul introduces functional herbal blends for plant-based healing. Sun for Soul founder Jennifer is bringing you generations of expertise in Chinese herbal medicine, combining ancient healing wisdom with our everyday foods. Traditional Chinese Medicine, simplified for the modern lifestyle.



UMAMI by Meity

UMAMI by Meity stands for local artisan gyoza, crafted with love and “honest filling”. Every gyoza is handmade using only freshly curated ingredients. Founder Meity is supplying restaurants in Amsterdam with her delicious gyozas and ready to expand her business.


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Lupini founded by Joren makes coffee from lupine beans from The Netherlands. His local lupine coffee is naturally caffeine free without compromising on the intense and powerful flavor of coffee. A delight for both you and our planet!




The era of boring soy products is over… Meet Anne and Fleur from Catchless, a new option for your plant-based diet. An omega3 substitute, which takes good care of you, nature and your (not yet) plant-based friends.



The Faba Company

Move over veggie pizzas and tortillas, we are returning to the mother of carbs! Sabine and Barend are introducing fresh pasta which is made with 35% veggies and an excellent source of fibers and proteins. The Faba Company makes it easy to eat healthier in both a fun and delicious way!




Four boys, one mission. They’re here to introduce high-quality stews right to your dining room table in no time. STOOFJE is tasty, healthy and fast. And as they like to say: “We do the cooking, you do the good looking”. Just what we need in our busy lives!




Meet Marrit, the woman behind Kaascultuur. Marrit’s mission in this world is to combine cultural diversity, animal welfare, social equality and craftsmanship in one. A tall order but she’s ready and her products, based on goat milk, speak for themselves. It’s the embodiment of her mission you can’t help but want to eat and be a part of.



In a Pickle

In a Pickle by Aysun offers delicious lacto-fermented pickles, sauces and pickle juices; taking away the effort to consume healthy food and making it easy to integrate it into your daily life. Very easy to combine with your favorite sandwich or to make a tasty cocktail creating that great umami taste, with benefits.



Sool A

Sool A’s founder Jan has mastered the art of artisanal drink making based on fermentation. She’s now bringing this extensive knowledge to her company Sool A, specializing in (non-)alcoholic drinks with a Korean twist.



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