What does a full-time membership in the startup kitchen cost?

This depends on a number of things, such as energy consumption and how much storage or proprietary equipment you need. We always look for a price that suits your activity and are happy to invite you for an introductory meeting

Do I need a KVK registration to become a member?

Yes, to work in our kitchen it is necessary to register with the Chamber of Commerce(KVK). On the KVK website you will find all the information you need to register.

Can I partner with delivery services such as UberEats/Home Delivered?

In recent years, we have found that our location is not ideal for setting up a dark/ cloud/delivery kitchen. The radius is not large, which means that with 15-20 minutes of biking you only reach a small part of Amsterdam West. In addition we see that there is also a lot of competition on platforms like UberEats. If you depend on these types of parties, we see that many companies find it difficult to create a healthy financial situation. From an operational perspective, we recommend you pick a central location, think De Pijp or West. Should you want to use your own delivery system, our kitchen is more suitable. However, we do not allow multiple parties in our kitchen working this way at the same time.


Do I need certain certificate registrations to work in your kitchen?

If you want to operate with your company in our kitchen, it is necessary that you have a registration with the Chamber of Commerce(KVK). In addition, it is not necessary that you have an HACCP certificate, but we do ask you to prepare a hygiene plan. Kitchen Republic offers its customers its own hygiene code. This states the responsibilities of both the tenant and Kitchen Republic. In complying with these rules, you comply with the correct production methods and with the regulations set by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

What kind of equipment is in start-up and scale-up kitchens?

In our start-up and scale up kitchen you will find all the equipment you would expect in a professional kitchen. Ovens, gas burners, walk-in coolers and freezer, blast chillers (3x 10-layer), vacuum cleaners and mixers. A membership also provides space in our cold, freezer and dry storage.

Can/should I bring my own equipment/machines?

In our kitchen you will find plenty of equipment you would expect in a professional kitchen. If certain equipment is essential for your production, you can place it in our kitchen by mutual agreement. Our kitchen manager will help you with this issue.

Are there any other locations besides the kitchen in Amsterdam?

No unfortunately, at the moment we can only be found in Amsterdam.

Can I book your event space for my event?

For sure! We welcome guests for all kinds of events, from Corporate meetings, innovation sprints, workshops, creative brainstorming sessions, consumer panels, investor dinners and much more!

Is Kitchen Republic's event space suitable for hosting a cooking workshop?

Unfortunately, our space is not suitable for hosting a cooking workshop as our kitchen is intended for professional use only. However, we can refer you to our nice neighbor Peter Pan Cooking Studio!