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Innovation no longer comes from a handful of food corporations, it comes from the bottom up! Isn't that great? That's why it's more important than ever for artisanal food companies to organize themselves smartly and efficiently to increase their successes. 

We are happy to be your partner in crime when it comes to the Dutch food industry, for recommended B2B contacts and the springboard to growth.

In recent years, Kitchen Republic has developed into a unique platform where we connect food companies with the right contacts, provide the latest industry updates and, of course, by providing accessible work, production and meeting space in Amsterdam-West.

Mission and vision

Kitchen Republic is the place for start-up and growing food concepts.

Our goal is to show the food industry that food and beverage production can be better: namely, tastier and more mindful.

We prove this by the amazing group of young food companies that are doing business with boldness and cleverness, without big budgets and empty marketing promises.

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