Co-creation & innovation

Become part of the most creative and active food network in the Netherlands. Connect with promising food startups and scale-ups and get inspired by all the new developments in the market. 

Our vision of innovation

We take you through our vision of innovation as part of the fastest growing food business community in the Netherlands.

Through a community membership, we put you in touch with relevant startups and give you an overview of all new developments in the market through a series of activities.

With this community program, you and your company are part of the forefront of the Dutch and international food landscape.

What we do

Let us guide you through our creative food world where agility, innovation, sustainability and speed are key. Contact us to learn more about our corporate community membership, and find out if our mission aligns with your business.

Our community gets standard access to all events we host. In addition, the regular program consists of the following.

The innovation process


Presentations, tastings and visits to successful startup/scaleup food entrepreneurs where sustainability is the foundation of their business. 


Together with your colleagues, we'll get to work filling your company's innovation funnel. 

Rapid prototyping

Ideas alone won't get you anywhere. We dive into our kitchens with you and our product developers to turn ideas into products in 3 days.

Who can participate?

  1. Innovation and- marketing managers of wholesale/corporate producers
  2. Innovation en- category managers of retail and foodservice
  3. R&D managers of food producers

What are the rules of the game?

Our community membership is based on an ongoing program, you can join at any time.

We are here for young professionals; ambitious, energetic and eager to learn who are eager to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from our network. 

Cost from €3,499 per year.