June 16


Appoint Mother Nature as your new CEO



This month's KR Community theme is "Sustainably B(l)ooming." We feel it is important to continue to challenge ourselves and all business owners in sustainability goals and in reducing your carbon footprint.


Suddenly last month our feeds flooded with the "Mother Nature as your CEO" initiative. To fully understand what this movement entails and exactly what it means to truly put the planet first, we spoke to the creator of the initiative, namely Willicroft founder Brad Vanstone.

The Willicroft company produces plant-based cheeses known for their high quality and delicious taste. Brad's mission is to make it as easy as possible for cheese lovers to choose a vegan diet. Since the beginning, Willicroft has made the well-being of the planet the main priority, rather than commercial success. To inspire more companies and people, the "Mother Nature as your CEO" initiative was born. 

"Since the very beginning, climate has been the main guideline in making all our decisions. At Willicroft, we want to hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of the planet and the climate. And to be honest, that also makes making decisions a lot easier. It strikes Brad that many companies start with "good intentions," but that it is also easy to get lost in the delusion of every day. 

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Brad's advice

When starting your business, it's easier to think about your impact and climate goals, rather than waiting until you've "made it. It helps to have Mother Nature's interests in your DNA at the start. From experience, I know that it is difficult to implement environmental goals at a later date, as more and more people have become influential in your company's goals. There are also plenty of examples of companies with good intentions that are later wiped out by many reasons, often money. As a company, creating impact is never a closed chapter, rather it is an evolving story. Also, I would never make hard sustainability goals, you can only be disappointed in this. My advice is, just start! And along the way, be guided by nature's desires. 


Mother Nature as your CEO

The response to the campaign so far has been really fantastic, from big companies like Alpro to smaller start-ups. We've even gotten a lot of attention outside of the food industry. By joining the Mother Nature movement you become part of a group of like-minded people who want to confront themselves with the impact of their production and services on the earth. And of course how we can make that impact as small as possible. The group shares each other's experiences and recommendations in the developments for a more sustainable planet. A healthy planet and generating profit can go hand in hand!

There are plenty of brands that have proven that it is possible for a company to have a focus on sustainability as well as making a profit. The company Patagonia is a great example of this. From the beginning, they have made money and become world famous while always sticking to their sustainable values.


Mother Nature decides

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A very good example of how we let Mother Nature decide is our change from cashews to white beans. About 18 months before launching our product, in the start-up phase, we concluded the social and climate consequences of our cashew use. Despite picking the best and most sustainable cashew possible, the consequences of our choice were still too great. The only way to get such a big decision right with the team was to tune into our moral compass. That has been so important to us!

Of course, you can't make changes in a day; it takes time and money to change to the ideal situation. But where we are today is exactly what we and Mother Nature as your CEO are about. 

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to acknowledge your own emissions and carbon footprint and, of course, do something about it. 

QUOTE: "Wanting to pursue perfection is not going to get you there. But continuously improving your business in small steps is a good idea!"


The program

Je word een deel van een aparte community, net zoals onze eigen KR Community. Deze community zorgt voor de mogelijkheid om elkaar te inspireren, aan te moedigen en tips te geven. Onderdeel van het Mother Nature as your CEO programma betekent dat je jaarlijks een rapport uitbrengt. Willicroft werkt daarvoor samen met Life Cycle Assessment specialisten “Ecochain < HYPERLINK> “, om het proces te structureren en meetbaar te maken.

Thank you Brad for sharing your story with us. Currently, the program has 15 participants. Will you sign up too? Kitchen Republic has also already signed up! For more information and registration, view website here from Willicroft. 


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